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If you find yourself on this page, I can only assume it means you have a postcard. Perhaps someone sent it to you in the mail, perhaps you found it somewhere. Either way, you are probably wondering why you have it, where it came from, and why.

The Postcard Project is the world's smallest magazine: one tiny story, one illustration, once a month.

I am a writer (more about that here and here) and co-host of a reading series (here) and between myself and my writery friends, we've produced a number of stories too short and too odd to really find a home in any of the conventional places. Those places which do publish postcard fiction tend to be of the obscure variety, hidden away from the prying eyes of the general public. And shouldn't writing be where people can read it if it's to have a point at all? And isn't it nice to receive something in the mail once in a while, something unexpected and (hopefully) lovely that doesn't ask for money or try to sell carpet cleaning or brag about the wonderfully successful children of a distant relative you barely remember meeting but who nonetheless makes you feel inadequate when you receive their annual "what we've been up to" letter at the holidays?

This postcard asks you nothing more than a few minutes of your time. This postcard asks you to send it somewhere so someone else might enjoy it, too.


the postcards




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